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Broadway Sofa

por SM London
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Preço original €3.700,00
Preço original €3.700,00 - Preço original €3.700,00
Preço original €3.700,00
Preço atual €1.849,00
€1.849,00 - €1.849,00
Preço atual €1.849,00
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  • Broadway is a classic sofa with a sleek design and enjoyable seating experience. Presented with indulgent foam-wrapped feather and down cushions to the seat, back and laterals, this piece is the epitome of comfort. The recessed wood plinth and straight lines make the Broadway an ideal choice for a modern ambiance.

  • All finishes available on the website are standard. If you want more options please enquire about our additional services.

  • Delivery time: Immediate.

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